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10 Best Mountain Bike Grips [Review] in 2020

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Mountain bike grips are the handlebar peripherals that helps the bike to be handled properly and helps the rider to gain proper control over the bike. Controlling the bike is very important and that is exactly what these grips are made to do. But alongside control, they also have to offer design, ergonomics, material and comfort. Today we look at the top 10 best bike handlebar grips available and review them one by one. Lets see what all of today’s top manufacturers have to offer.

You will find that these shoes come with different styles, features and price.  This means that searching for the best is not an easy task. However, our aim is to help you identify the best products that will give you the best value for your money. As a result, we have done the research for you to come up with a list of the top 10 cycling shoes that will give you the best performance.

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Best mountain bike grips


Delight eShop Handlebar Grips

Delight handlebar grip is a rubber made grip for mountain bikes and BMX bikes. The grip comes in a variety of different colors, ranging from blue, orange, red, green, yellow to plain white and many more. The grip has rigid textured squares on it and the squares are perfectly spaced for air to pass through. It is rounded at the end to provide flat ends. 

The grip is made out of rubber which allows for a grippy hold even when you’re sweating. The dotted texture on the grip helps in providing friction which helps you hold on tight. The textured squares are separated from each other enough to provide an airy experience. It will help in sweat vaporizing quick as wind hits the bike while riding, and also helps in protection against any bacterial build up. The anatomically raised surface will deliver great traction. The rubber material is comfortable to hold and is easy to put on and take off. The many colors that you can choose from, at this point, is just an added bonus to help you customize what you really want your bike to look like.

 The rubber used is biodegradable which makes it prone to melting in direct sunlight. Bike requires protection from sun. They are also a little too wide for a scooter to put on its handles.

Overall, this is a good product especially for the way it is priced. The delivery is quick and the many colors to choose from is great. It will please many people with its variety and price tag. However if you are looking for a grip that will help in endurance and longevity, this might not be the right move. Other than that, this is a good buy. The accents of your bike will turn some heads. The grips are attention grabbing.


SUNZON mountain bike handlebar grips:

These grips come with anti-slip rubber which is a little pointy on the outside but does not take a hit on softness and comfort. It also comes with double aluminum alloy side locks for BMX bikes. The side locks can be switched between silver color and an all-black look. The grips give an urban classic look which makes your bike standout. It stays out of the way of distraction and looks good at the same time.

The grips have an understated look which looks modern chic, and gives off an urban vibe at the same time. People will love the mono color way but you can always mix things up with the silver side locks. Speaking of side locks, they are made out of aluminum alloy which is sturdy and durable. The rubber itself is also high quality and will help in long extended use. The texture is also smart enough to prevent sweat build up and keeps everything airy and grippy. Control is great with these grips. The grip is wide enough to accommodate your fingers and thumb. The rubber is flexible and the grip has an ultra anti-skid granule design which helps in providing good traction. The side locks help the grip stay in place and prevents it from moving while riding hard. The paint job is also pretty good.

The grip, however, can use some plush comfy padding to allow for a more comfortable experience. The hands do feel fatigued after extended long periods of use.

Overall, this product is a great buy. The quality was kept in mind while creating this product as the longevity and sturdiness of the grips speak for itself. The accents along with a simple elegant modern design helps catch attention. Provides an urban look at the same time. The service is quick and the grips ship to your doorstep rather quickly. If you are in the market for something that lasts you a while without any problems, this is the definite way to go.


Practical bike handle grips

These grips are similar to the Delights we saw earlier. Which means you have a few color schemes to choose from which is always good news. Also the raised square rubber material will help in good grip. The texture helps in a good comfortable grip, and is spaced enough to provide an airy bacteria free experience.

The grips have circular flat sides which help them look clean on a bike. The rest is wide enough for the accommodation of your entire hand. Being able to grip entirely gives a feeling of control which is very important while riding bikes. The imported TPR rubber is rigid and can take a beating in moisture and mud, without surfacing any issues. The ergonomic look of the grips help you maintain a proper posture, as gripping the handle correctly is not a worry. The anti-skid design helps in sweaty situations, as you will not lose grip while extreme terrain adventures. The grip can be installed easily with soapy water and once on, it moves around rather less.

Some problems are that the rubber may melt off in direct sunlight. The grip may also be hard to take off, once installed. Also the grips are shipped from China which makes it a long process to deliver. So if you don’t want to wait long, this might not be the move. 

Overall, as far as price is concerned, the grips justify it. It will not blow your mind but if simplicity and getting the job done is your purpose, this will do just fine. The textured feel is alright and the grip will stay on for long. If you don’t want to wait long, this will not help you there. Also direct sunlight is not good for the grips. If cheap pricing is what you’re looking for, then this is a good buy.



TraveT anti-slip bicycle handlebar grips come in a few color options including blue, red, black and yellow. The variety in color allows you to customize your bike riding experience with the desired aesthetics you prefer. The grips are soft, cylindrical and cover the handlebars with a firm grip. The black one in particular looks understated in a good way, hides from sight and blends in perfectly.

The material used on this one is silicon, which means they are sturdy and soft at the same time. This is a major advantage since longevity and long lasting comfort while riding your bike is a major must have. The grips stay on the handlebars tight, once they’re installed. You do not need to provide any aid or side hooks to keep them in place. Along with being soft, they are also lightweight which allows them to add minimal to no weight to the bike as well. Speaking of minimalism, the grips don’t have any fancy designs going for it so will appeal to the minimalists. With the use of soap or preferably alcohol, the grips will come on. Once installed, they are worth the wait since they are not coming off easily.

Potential problems with these grips is that they are a little hard to put on and require effort to do so. Also once they are installed, it can be difficult to take them off. Also, as they are shipped from China, they do take 2-3 days to ship. May sometimes take even more than that, depending on the conditions.

All in all, a good product if you are in the market for some nice, elegant looking grips that get the job done perfectly once installed. The simplicity is one of the major factors why people would love it. Keeping everything soft, comfortable and durable at the same time with the use of silicon, is a genius move. The material is not a problem at all, rather helps in keeping every rude run smoothly. The price knocks this item out of the park because the cheap price tag speaks to everyone. This is an easy recommendation.



HuntGold is another anti-skid MTB bicycle rubber handlebar grip which comes in a set of colors. The colors include black, green, white, red and blue. The grips are made out of rubber and have the same elevated square design. The grips have round edges for aiding in the gripping the handlebar.

Material used here is rubber, which means that grip is not an issue at all. These grips can take a beating and survive for long. Durability and longevity are not a problem. The material is rigid and strong, both for gripping and surviving. The elevated rubber squares with enough space between the, allow for immediate and great handling along with proper air flow to avoid sweaty hands. It also helps in preventing bacterial buildup. The grips do not slip once installed and have a strong wearability. The traction that comes with this grip is great.

 Some of the downsides are that they are not easy to install which can be a problem. Once they are installed, they are not easy to take off and switch with new ones. Shipping may also take some time. The grips must not be exposed to direct sunlight as it will degrade the rubber.

 Overall, a great at buy for price considering that they get the job done perfectly. Need a little maintenance and saving from the sunlight. And if you are not into getting hard installs, this might not be for you. However, once you get past that and install them correctly, they are a joy to use and are sturdy. If you are looking for a grippy and comfortable riding experience, these can get the job done.



Jili make some of the softest grips out there. They use silica gel as their material which is soft and gives in. They come in 3 colors. These are blue, black and red. The variety in colors is a good customization feature. The grips have closed ends on one of their sides to allow for full closure and cover.

 The material used here is soft silica gel which is moldable. What that means is that it takes the shape of your hand, when in use and gripped upon. This allows for enhanced ergonomics and easy of hold while using it. The grip taking the shape of your when fingers helps in proper and better handling. Handling is the main, most importing part of riding the bicycle and to do that without compromising on comfort and quality, is exactly what this grip brings you. The soft touch material is very comfortable and durable at the same time. The grip is also easy to install. The material is wear and tear resistant. The material is also waterproof and slip resistant. Soaking the foam in water before installation can help a lot while installing.

 Shipping can be a problem with this one as it might take some time to reach. Other than that, the grips can be a little hard to take off.

 Overall, this is one of the most unique approaches we have seen to grips so far. The material used is soft and fits your fingers perfectly. Riding experience is made smooth and comfortable. If you want a grip that molds to your needs, this one can do that both literally and figuratively. The price on this one is also very good and that just makes it a very comfortable buy. This will fit the need of most to almost all people. Easy recommendation.



Amrka makes soft rubber grips that come in a variety of colors. These include purple, green. Orange, pink, red, green, blue and yellow. Variation allows for customization which comes default when you pick this item. The grip is workable for both BMX and mountain bikes. It can also be installed on scooter if that is what you’re looking for.

These grips have elevated square design which helps in grip and aeration. Keeps the bacteria from building up from sweat, and ultimately making it easy to clean whenever needed. The grips are also made out of rubber which provides good traction and helps you ride your bike safely and smoothly. The control of your bike is not a problem with this one. The circular sides help in gripping the handlebar when they are installed. This prevents the grips from moving around. Keeps them in one place. The grip is anti-slip and provides a strong grip. The durability of the product is also not a problem and it can take a beating. 

Some potential problems are that it can be difficult to install and uninstall without soapy water. Also the grips may wear off in direct sunlight.

All in all, a good product if you want something cheap in terms of price and something that gets the job well done. If you are okay with installation and protecting it from direct sunlight, this is the grip for you. A good option for the price and will recommend easily.



Comes with double lock on the side which are made out of metal. It also has sponge foam for gripping which allows for a plush and comfortable experience. The all-black look speaks for itself. Blends in very well and looks amazing. The grip comes in one color only but the quality materials used are amazing. 

The grips have a super soft anti-slip foam on the gripping areas which allows for w very plush and comfortable experience. The softness of the material helps with a less strenuous experience while gripping the handlebars. The sides are closed off and come with double lock system which prevents the grip from slipping and turning while riding. The lock is made out of aluminum alloy which helps in durability and longevity of the product. The extreme comfort and control felt with this material choice is absolutely amazing. Great control while riding and makes every ride enjoyable without problems. The ergonomic design helps support your fingers and thumb, and the shockproof foam helps in causing less strain to the hands when riding through bumps. The company also tries to get in touch with you as soon as any problem arrives.

Installation can be an issue when trying to put on but once that is done, the product is great.

The overall experience with this is great. You get quality and comfort, which are two of the most important things to have. Other than that, you get strong durable materials to work with, which provide a strong grip and control over the bike. The price is also great and what you get for it is amazing. Not a lot of manufacturers are providing such quality at this price. The product is a win and an easy buy.



ITODA makes some of the softest sponge-made grips for mountain bike and BMX handlebars. The grips are closed off at the ends with circular walls for grip. The product comes in 3 colors namely blue, purple and red. This allows for some customization and helps you make it look like the way you want it to. The color is also very neat, does not bleed from the sides into the walls.

 One of the best features of this handlebar grip is that it comes with a thick sponge on its gripping area. This allows for extreme comfort. The sponge simply bounces back and regains its original position. The plush softness allows for long uninterrupted experiences on all terrains. The grips come with durable caps which help loosen or tighten the grip to your desire. Also makes it easy to install. Overall durability and strength of the product is also not a problem. The company makes it easy for you to choose by not overwhelming you with so many colors. And the colors they provide are all pretty clean and have no bleed from the sides. The grip is also very good and proper hold provides a good control. Longevity of the material is not an issue. The grip do not slip and the extra padded sponge helps in making the grip shock-proof and absorbs impact.

 It does however, require a little lubricant to put on. The shipping may also vary and delays are bound to happen.

 All in all, a good product for the price they ask for it. The product provides good grip and loads of comfort. The colors look amazing and sharp, and the side walls help lock he grips. If you are looking for simple nice colored grips, these are the way to go. However, it does take time to be installed. Other than that, it is a good buy.

The Elegant Home Fashion Floor Cabinet is made from a sturdy MDF and metal frame that gives it a stable build. It is elevated on four bottom feet that hold it up and prevent it from wobbling. This cabinet has a classic design, with a crown moulding top and engraved door panels.



Allnice makes some of the more unique handlebar grips for mountain bikes. These are all black which gives a cool understated look. They have a very interesting ergonomic design which we will get into later on. Comes in only one color but that’s okay because the color looks great.

These grips have a very interesting shape which provides more surface area for you to grip on. It also helps you keep the posture of your hands and the natural rhythm of your palm in correct shape. The ergonomic shape helps in a very strong grip which help you control the bike perfectly. Durability is also not an issue since the grips are made out of a rigid rubber material so the grips will not slip. The grips can prevent vibrations, numbness, deviation and pain in your hands. All this adds to the great experience you have with these grips. The grip is also reinforced with aluminum alloy so strength and durability is not an issue at all. Longevity is secure along with all the control these grips offer. The posture maintained on these grips prevent your hand from aching and allow for a smooth riding experience.

The only downside is that the installation can be a little tricky to figure out. 

Overall, this is a great grip. The color looks fantastic, the strong materials help in durability and the ergonomic design helps reduce strains and pains while keeping the correct posture and grip for your hands. The pricing on this thing just blows it out of the park. This grip is a value for money, a bank for your buck. This will be a major win among all and will please a wide audience. This product is a major win and an easy recommendation.

Our Verdict

All manufacturers showed us that they know what it means to make proper good handlebar grips for mountain bikes. Some used silica gel while others used sponge to provide the most comfy, soft and plush experiences possible. Some tried using locks on the sides while others used walls to help with grip on the handlebars. Use of rubber and aluminum alloy was seen quite often as these allowed the grips to be more tight and secure with the handlebars. The use of good materials allowed for longevity and durability of the bikes. Many manufacturers gave us options in the name of many colors while some kept it minimal and clean with one or two. The ergonomics were also very important and that helped some provide a more natural posture to your hands. The delivery services were mostly great with all of them and the installation was sometimes a hit or miss. Overall, these manufacturers proved that they know how to make a good grip for mountain bikes.

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